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When it comes to your solar system we aim to amaze

The very best installation experience… it’s our goal, actually its’s our obsession!

We’re committed to powerful, consistently reliable and safe PV systems. It doesn’t stop with our quality product offerings, that same approach is extended to our Power+ partners. The Orange Cell Power+ partner network is carefully managed to deliver the highest standards of customer service and system quality.

When it comes to large scale commercial and residential installations, knowledge, resources and experience are the critical components to their success. Orange Cell is happy to be aligned with each market area's finest solar professionals. Together we are at the forefront of solar technology and are constantly pushing new advancements in installation and design techniques. By combining our teams, you are assured of working with seasoned solar professionals offering years of design and build expertise.

Our Power+ partners are an essential resource during all stages of your installation's trajectory. They are on hand to make the entire experience smoother...a lot smoother.

A professional well planned approach assures optimal solar performance
  • State-of-the-art Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and detailing
  • Installation of primary power and distribution wiring
  • Industrial process control wiring
  • High-voltage cable pulling
  • Arc Flash and coordination studies
  • Telecommunications installation, fiber optic systems, data systems and head-end equipment and Data centers
  • Automation and computer cabling design and installation
  • Complete systems testing capabilities
  • Electrical engineering of control systems, concept through implementation

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Serving the following markets:

Metro Detroit

Ann Arbor

Grand Rapids

Our technicians use the finest imaging software and layout the perfect system created specifically for your energy needs. When possible we encourage our technicians to design a panel array across multiple roof areas, orientations and angles. Based on your consumption needs It may be beneficial to have panels facing in multiple directions to distribute the output of solar power across the day. This avoids having a big peak of solar power in the middle of the day, making it easier to use a large percentage of the solar power as it is generated, and ultimately increasing the effectiveness of your system.
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We’re always there for you!
You will sleep better at night knowing that once your solar system is installed you won't need to be concerned about it performing up to spec. We will be available to assure your solar system is performing and operating at it’s optimal level.
The design and installation teams work closely to assure the perfect solar system is installed safely, flawlessly, quickly and cleanly. We take a great deal of pride in our solar installations and your ultimate satisfaction.
We’re the kind of solar company you want to work with!

We make solar a breeze, sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Whether it’s a small twelve panel system on a single family home or massive solar array using a ballast racking system on a commercial roof, it doesn’t matter. We only use the finest top tier equipment manufactured by the most reliable and technically advanced companies in the solar industry.
We work with the frontrunners that offer the best performance and warranties. Offering the industry's finest makes our job much easier and assures you get a top performing system.

Orange Cell Solar 360° System Support

What happens if…..

It stops working?
Performance dips?
It stops working?
My roof leaks?
I need help?

You get more juice with Orange Cell

We only work with industries leading manufacturers. Our installers are always at the top their game while their on top of your roof. Our system designers create systems that are essentially maintenance free and perform at full potential. Our numerous financing options make solar an affordable upgrade. You benefit by getting an affordable solar system with little or no money down and lower utility bills month after month, decade after decade.
Better design, Better products, Better savings, Simply better!
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