We’ve managed to make solar affordable
Let us show you how…..
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Going Green is the new black, it’s the in thing!

Many of us are doing it to play a roll in reducing our carbon footprint and to ease our environmental concerns.
Thanks to a number of federal and local incentives, going solar provides financial rewards as well.
The Orange Cell techs will design a system that could allow you to pay for your brand spanking new, hi-tech solar system with the money saved on your current monthly electric bill.
Everyone wins including your pocketbook and the environment. Enjoy independence from the utility company, and predictable monthly energy bills.

Fiscally responsible…. Ecologically prudent

It’s like you're getting paid to help preserve our planet.
Studies conclude that solar does increase home value. Apparently homebuyers are willing to pay a premium of some $15,000 for a solar home. A 2019 Zillow report concluded that solar powered homes sell nearly 5% more than those without.

Home Value Increases

If for whatever reason your solar system isn’t producing as much energy as your consuming. You always have a (PLAN B), no worries you’re still tied to the utilities electrical grid. Should anything ever happen, you’ll always have electricity available to you.

Security Of The Grid, When You Need It

Pay zero upfront, enjoy low monthly payments, start saving $$ immediately.

Green Friendly Financing

Return On investment
A report from the NC Clean Energy Technology Center found that in all but four of the 50 largest cities in the United States, the return on investment when installing a solar power system makes more financial sense than investing in the stock market.
How will solar panels look on my roof?
The newest solar panels are sleek and thinner than ever. We will be sure to do our part in designing a system that will blend nicely into your buildings esthetics.
Colder climates work better than you think
Despite only averaging between 150 and 180 sunny days per year, Michigan produces a large amount of solar energy. Due to high electricity prices and significant government support for solar conservation, Michigan homeowners are making the switch to sun-powered energy. They’re saving money on their electric bills, reducing their carbon footprints, and even earning money from pro-solar initiatives.
Is there any difference in the electricity solar systems provides?
Nope! It’s Identical to what the utility provides, same volts and amps, same resistance same everything. The only difference? It’s yours! and coal and oil won’t be burned to produce it.
Sell back your un-used energy to the utility company
There will be days you generate more energy than you consume with your Orange Cell solar system. No problem the utility company becomes your customer the system will automatically send your unused power back to the grid and they credit you accordingly. It’s automatic, simply sit back and watch it all unfold. No wasted energy and no greater feeling than watching your electric meter spin backwards.
Positive cash flow starting at month #1
Solar helps lower your utility bills. The Orange Cell Power Smart financing program allows you to pay ZERO up front for your entire solar system, with no escalation in the monthly solar payment over the life of the loan.
Predicability = Peace of mind