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Put your trust in Metro Detroit’s top choice for the industry leading solar products. It’s a turn-key all-inclusive solar ecosystem that is designed to perform at the highest level to assure you get the best return on your solar investment. You can count on decades of trouble free performance and the peace of mind knowing that Orange Cell will be the single point of contact for all product and warranty support.

Our inverters and solar panels work much better together!
Systems designed to work together
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Industry leading warranties, up to 25 years parts, labor and performance!
Better solar, Priced better
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Your very own energy delivered, cleanly, inexpensively and efficiently We’ve got this!
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Let’s put the solar geeks to work personalizing a system designed specifically for your home and your consumption needs.
Premium Products...Premium Performance
Better solar, priced Better, providing Better returns.
Orange Cell’s Juice Box™ 2.0
Better Solar at Better Prices!
More power less roof space - Our all-black, sleek, class-leading, solar panels are engineered in Germany and offer a 25 year warranty
JuiceBox™ Whole Home Back-up - Superior technology maximizes power production. Run your entire home (not simply a handful of critical loads) during power outages. Nifty technology improves your level of comfort when the grid is interrupted. 
JuiceBox™ Energy Storage System  Designed with growth in mind, add battery packs as your energy storage needs increase. 
Great performing and great looking! Low profile racking blends in beautifully with your homes aesthetics. Curb appeal matters!
We’ve made going solar very simple indeed!
The JuiceBox 2.0 is a complete home solar solution developed specifically to work together for optimal performance at an incredibly low price.
All the best brands at the absolute lowest prices…guaranteed
Our micro inverter PV system
Not only offers superior performance but it provides a safer alternative to conventional solar string inverters. The Orange Cell juice box micro inverter system operates on the same low voltage AC power as your home. 
The DC power is converted at the panel level
That means no high voltage DC power running through your home. Add In the built in rapid shut-down technology (in the case of an emergency the system will instantly shutdown) You’re employing the safest solar technology available. 
Save money and sleep easy!
Safe & Sound
Our solar PV system’s
Not only offer superior performance, and a more flexible design, but they also provide a safer alternative to conventional solar inverters and batteries. 

The chemistry of traditional lithium-ion battery does not have the same safety advantages as newer lithium iron phosphate chemistry (what we use in our battery storage systems). lithium-ion is high energy density has the disadvantage of causing the battery to be unstable. It heats up faster during charging can experience thermal runaway.

Add the over 4x cycle life of our Juice Box 2.0 battery storage systems and you have a safe and efficient alternative to the standard battery chemistry that has dominated the the solar landscape for years.  

Save money and sleep easy!
Price Promise Guarantee
In order to fulfill our commitment of providing you with the absolute lowest prices on your new solar system, Orange Cell Solar offers our exclusive Price Match Promise. Enter into the world of renewable energy knowing you are getting the lowest price possible on your new solar system.It’s in writing! No messing around! Read it for yourself.
Click here to read the Price Promise Guarantee
Plenty of Financing Options!
Orange Cell Solar clients enjoy a huge advantage by gaining access to green friendly state sponsored financing. Go from making utility payments to lower solar system payments without so much as a nickel out of pocket. Our state sponsored green friendly financing offers a tax credit pay down with no penalty, and no pre-payment penalty. Apply for financing with a 5 minute phone call, we make it easy, we make it assessable.
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Complete control right in the palm of your hands!
Looking for overall PV performance? See your daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime energy production along with the emissions you’ve reduced. Wondering about specific modules? Use live data to see how individual panels are performing. Orange Cell puts powerful monitoring capabilities a simple click away.
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*$2500 rebate on select solar + storage systems only. *The estimated savings are for informational and illustrative purposes only. Actual system production and savings will vary based on the final system size, design, configuration and utility rates.* To be eligible for (ITC) tax credits, you must have tax liability at least equal to the credit. Orange Cell Solar does not guarantee incentive amounts or your eligibility. Please consult with a tax advisor. Roofs with greater slopes than 9/12 will be slightly more * State sponsored Michigan saves financing only