We’re helping The GreenWays Initiative

With your assistance of course
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Every rooftop solar system that is installed helps our community in a small way.

Orange Cell Solar wants to play a role in continuing this positive trend.
Orange Cell donates a portion of every installation to the Green Ways Initiative. We realize our clients commit to adding solar as alternative energy source for any number of reasons. Making a positive impact on the environment and their communities is generally at the top of list. Orange Cell’s Support of The Green Ways Initiative plays a role in assuring this wave of positive green initiatives continues to grow.


The GreenWays Initiative was developed to create opportunities for collaboration and shared environmental awareness and appreciation by the residents of the seven-county region served by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. The initiative began a five-year initiative as a comprehensive effort to expand and enhance our region’s natural landscape.

The GreenWays Initiative was developed with several years of input from more than 70 organizations and agencies, as well as the encouragement and support of a group of community leaders committed to building greenways.


Through $33 million in foundation and private contributions, and another $125 million of matching investments from government and other sources, the GreenWays Initiative has helped more than 80 municipalities plan, design, finance and build more than 100 miles of connected greenways across southeast Michigan.

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has become a national leader in greenways planning and advocacy. GreenWays consults with cities and regions throughout the United States about how to replicate our success through their own unique greenways systems.
Orange Cell will donate a portion of every solar installation to Metro’s Detroit’s GreenWays Initiative.

We’re proud to do anything we can to lend a hand and would like to extend a genuine thank you to our clients for helping us support this important cause.