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Solar energy empowers you in a number of ways.
Take control of high energy costs and power outages.
Intelligently designed energy solutions from Orange Cell
help you protect your energy and finances.
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Renewable energy products designed for everyday life

NIFTY! eco-friendly solutions easy on the planet and easy on the pocket book.
Your very own rooftop power plant!
Solar friendly financing options
$0 down, $0 out of pocket, state sponsored financing options make it a breeze for you to avoid upfront costs. Lock in favorable interest rates and low fixed monthly payments.
Afraid of the dark? Don’t be!
Solar batteries will backup your important electrical needs such as refrigerator, microwave, internet, selected lights and sockets in case of a power outage.
Save money
Leverage the sophistication of your inverter and battery. Take control of the ever increasing energy costs. Use your battery when rates are high or in the evening. Switch back and forth from battery, solar, and the grid. There's an app for that!
It’s the right thing to do
Solar energy is clean, efficient, abundant and cheap. Unlike our current power plants there's no need to burn stuff to create energy with solar. Todays children will thank you tomorrow.
Best Pricing
There’s always a sharp pencil at our estimator’s desk. It’s simple, Orange Cell features the best products our industry has to offer and provides them at the absolute best pricing guaranteed!!
Read our price promise for yourself.
Solar is a great way to increase your home's value
A 2019 Zillow study concluded that homes powered by solar sell on average for 4.1% more than those without.

Green friendly, state sponsored financing tailored to your needs.
$0 Down, $0 out of pocket.

Orange Cell has partnered with solar’s top lenders to provide custom financing for our clients, regardless of credit or income. Our financing partners will work with you to find the loan that best fits for your unique situation.

The Advanced Living Initiative unites solar users, their utility and Orange Cell

Our state of the art QCELLS, solar panels, hybrid inverters and battery management equipment is integrated with very powerful energy management software to power your home or business even during outages.
Solar users will receive monthly distribution credits along with $2,500 cash back with a home battery installation. New customers are also eligible for our $0 down $0 out of pocket state sponsored green friendly financing
and a hefty federal tax credit, along with other cash incentives.

1 Manufacturer / 1 Warranty / One Incredible System!

Allow us to introduce you to the state of the art system that will change the way solar energy is produced and stored.
Orange Cell Solar is a QCELLS Certified installer. Our QCELLS systems feature American made panels and technically advanced electronics. QCELLS systems are managed by a proprietary software platform that will help you monitor
your solar systems performance on a number of different levels.
Orange cell is one of the only solar contractors with a simple no fuss application process that will match you with the perfect hardware customized to your needs based on your power consumption, and current State and Federal financial incentives.
We make solar easy, we make solar work!
Special discounted pricing on selected QCELLS Equipment. Available right now!

When it gets right down to it,
you really want the answer to one question.
Is solar a good fit for you?

We will provide our very own free, no obligation Orange Paper solar assessment.
We're solar geeks, not pushy sales people. No unrealistic claims, no false promises, no fake rebates. Just a basic answer to a simple question, will solar save you money?
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